Friday, February 27, 2015

Jurin Tea House

I love the decor.
How many times do I drop off clients at the airport and want nothing more than some comfort food? Curry or maybe pasta with meat sauce? And yet, I have to admit, despite all the good reviews I've heard, I've never tried the curry at Jurin Kissa (literally, the Forest Tea House) in Koseda. In fact, the other day was the first time I entered the door! The savory scent of spiced curry wafted in from the kitchen, but still, I didn't try the curry. Why not?

Let me tell you why:  Floats.
All kinds of fruit juices from passion fruit to guava served with a glob of ice cream floating inside. Trust me, Jurin does not forgo the details: My partner and I ordered coffee floats -- vanilla ice cream on ice coffee served with cream and sugar syrup, and even the ice cubes were made of coffee! For a while I forgot that we'd also ordered cake -- cheesecake and lemon tart. Jurin also serves a tankan-orange cake . . . next time!

One of the owners of Jurin was, apparently, on of the folks behind the magazine, Seimei no Shima, and the wall is lined with back issues. If you read Japanese, it's a great insight into life on the island in previous decades. There's a small assortment of tasteful souvenirs. And Jurin is a great place to crack open a magazine: Open spaces, wood paneling with relaxing decor and large drawings on the walls. Details include the glass&bottle rack separating the kitchen and the dining area and the stove flue that come up through the counter. Outside I can see cherry trees, so I know I'll be back in the spring when they're blooming.

Location: Koseda, Just up the street between the super/drug store and the home center. (30.3852, 130.6549)
Hours: 10:00-16:30. Closed on Mondays.*

*Hours subject to change, so please check before you go!

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