Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Pukari-Do: The Little Gift Shop

You'll find little gift shops popping up all around Yakushima, but few of them are smaller than Pukari, whose little blue door opened in 2012. One can hardly stay in Anbo without taking a short stroll up the river, and on the way you are likely to stumble across a little blue sign pointing up a staircase towards Pukari-Do (ぽかり堂). There you'll find a little white shack with the blue door flung open in good weather, and when you peak inside, the owner will throw on some light music and you'll wonder how so much charm can fit in so small a space. 

Especially convenient for folks without a car, you'll find aromas by Yawaraka, Yakushima original T-shirts, CDs, half-aprons featuring the Honbo Shochu brewed a few kilometers away, and beaded jewelry along with pictures, postcards, trinkets, and some more standard Yakushima products. There is even a canopy set up outside so you can string your own beaded jewelry as you gaze across the river. Gift-shopping was never so relaxing!

Location: Anbo 27 (30.3146, 130.6529), on the town-side of the Anbo River.
Hours: 9:30am to 7:00pm. Closed on Wednesdays.*
Website: http://www.pukarido.com/

*Hours are subject to change, so please call the restaurant or check ahead.

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