Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Tabira Gallery

I need to update this photo:
The grass has died, but the
charm has burgeoned.
Yakushima isn't exactly a hotspot for art collectors, but I would venture to say the arts are growing here. While there are a few artistspotters, painters, woodworkers, even a jewellerwith private galleries displaying there works, I think the gallery at Tabira with its rotating exhibitions stands out.

Tabira is an established eco-tourism/guide company on Yakushima that recently built a lovely gallery on their premises. It consists of a single minimalist room with a loft and soft, warm lighting. Entrance is free and exhibitsusually the works of a photographer or painter who was inspired by Yakushimachange several times a year, which makes it popular among the locals. I think my favorite past exhibition was by the photographer, Shigeo Horie. However, it is usually empty, and you can take off your shoes, walk up to the loft, and enjoy quiet solicitude with the artwork.

This month is works by Shoko Mukai, a local artist
who uses the island's volcanic ash and iron sand to express
the spiritual side of island life.
It's within walking distance from the airport, so you can enjoy a few minutes of quiet time before catching your flight. There are also a few prints and books for sale.

Location: Koseda 815-31. Just north of the airport beyond the Italian restaurant, Il Mare. (30.3845,130.6578)
Hours: 10:00am to 18:00pm*
Website: http://tabira.biz/gallery/index.html

Hours are subject to change, so please call the gallery or check ahead.

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