Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Nomado Cafe

The colorful, heavy plastic sandals sold here
are the footwear of choice of many locals. 

Nomado cafe hardly needs an introduction. Despite being located on the main road well outside of town, it is quite well-known around the island, and with good reason.

Opening the door reveals a friendly atmosphere. Photos from Southeast Asia and books on Yakushima, as well as various ceramics, glassware, hammocks, and plastic sandals to buy add to the light and colorful interior. Seating has the relaxed feeling of an eternal brunch-time.

The menu is limited, but not for want of variety. This isn't the typical cake&coffee cafe. Two different lunches -- a spicy minced chicken and a curry with a tropical flare -- for hungry guests, and for everyone else there are specialty-flavor gelatos and a drink menu with an extensive line-up of teas.

I happened to have already eaten lunch, so I opted for a sweet chai tea and honey-milk gelato made with local honey. Tasty way to brighten up any day!

Nomado Cafe
Location: 565 Hara (30.2434,130.5746) Just west of the Dobuchigawa (泥渕川) bus stop.
Hours: Saturday through Tuesday, 11:30am to 5pm. Lunch served until 2:30pm.*

*Hours are subject to change, so please call the restaurant or check ahead.