There's so much to do in Yakushima I can't possible cover everything, but I'm constantly expanding this list as I add to my blog! For more information about Yakushima and guided hikes that I offer, please visit  www.yakushimalife.com or my facebook page.


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Top Four Destinations:

Shiratani Unsuikyo Park

Jomon Sugi

Mt. Miyanoura


Of course, the hiking doesn't stop there! There are countless more trails in varying states of maintenance. The following are from my personal hikes, but I'll try to concentrate on information relevant to visitors. For safety, tell someone where you are going and carry a whistle (so you can stay put and call for help if you get lost), and don't bite off more than you can chew.

Interior Mountains
    Trails to Kuromi Dake, Mt. Miyanoura, and Nagata Dake are regularly maintained. While these trails are not a walk-in-the-park, except in snow and high-wind conditions, they are enjoyed by hikers with a wide range of experience.
    1. Mt. Miyanoura to Jomon Sugi to Shiratani to Kusukawa a long 2-day hike through popular spots
Exterior Mountains
    Don't be fooled by the low elevations. Some of these trails can prove treacherous, and you will also meet fewer people on these less famous trails. Tacchuu Dake is probably the safest (and most popular).
    1. Mocchomu-Dake (940 m) a physically interesting and rewarding day-hike
    2. Aiko-Dake (1235 m) a challenging day-hike up the mountain of heartbreak
    3. Hasa-Dake (1259 m) a mountain popular among the locals but not among tourists.
    4. Tachuu-Dake (1497 m) Will the natural "celestial pillar" at the peak make you a believer?
Other Hikes
    Looking for lonely forest solace? Play it safe because these trails don't follow the beaten path.
    1. Ja no Guchi Taki: Hike to a beautiful, large yet tranquil cascading waterfall.
    2. HanaNoEgo Trail: a lonely, deep-forest trek for experienced hikers.
    3. Ryujin Sugi Hike: Hike to Jomon Sugi's alter ego.

Local Interest

  1. Tankan oranges
  2. Yawaraka: Essential oils from Yakushima 
  3. Top Ten Eleven misconceptions about Yakushima
  4. Ippon Houju Dai GonGen: One god you can't ignore in Yakushima
  5. The Boeing 929 Jetfoil: Airplane in the Sea 


  1. Hey Jenny,

    all of this information has been super useful as I plan out my trip to Yakushima. I was wondering if you could answer a few of my questions. Are disposable toilet packs available for purchase on Yakushima in places like Miyanoura? Do you know of a way to store a personal backpack while I hike? I'm planning to arrive with a small backpack of various things but I'm going to rent a larger backpack for while I"m hiking but I'd really like to not be lugging around two backpacks.


  2. Thanks, Josh,

    Yes, you can buy disposable toilet packs at rental shops and information booths in Miyanoura, Anbo, and at the airport.

    Storing luggage depends on your plans: For a day trip, there are coin lockers for luggage at the Kankou Center store on the main road near Miyanoura Port. If you are staying on the island, you can have your bags delivered to your accommodation/port by Sagawa Express (There's a dropoff point in the blue/white Toppy/Rocket waiting room at the Miyanoura Port, or you can ask at an info booth.) If you don't need your backpack in Yakushima, you can go to a convenience store ON THE MAINLAND (NOT YAKUSHIMA) and have your bag delivered to yourself when you get back. Hope that helps!



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